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Multi Color Stamp Production


Multi Color stamp production now works even more simply, because with the Trodat Multi Color Jet, Trotec and Trodat have further optimized the automated production of multicolored stamps. While the Trotec laser engraves the stamp's text plate, the Multi Color Jet simultaneously inks the previously laser-cut ink cartridge. Because the two work steps occur simultaneously, they finish just as fast as a traditional stamp production process. And all 15 colours of the Multi Color's spectrum are already permanently installed in the Multi Color Jet — without retooling.


Customised Designs

You realize individual multicoloured stamps with the Multi Color Jet, regardless of whether it's single units or series. The text and logo areas can be defined individually in various colors.

Highest precision

The laser cuts the ink cartridge exactly and seals the colour areas simultaneously. So each colour field retains its colour purity.


Proven Technology

The Trotec Laser Speedy 100, Speedy 300, and Rayjet are compatible with the Multi Color Jet. All you need to start producing Multi Color stamps in addition to the laser system is the Multi Color Jet. Besides that, you only need a PC to control both machines.


greater productivty

 A single print command generates jobs for the text plate engraver, ink cartridge cutting, and inking. And while the Multi Color Jet is inking the ink cartridges, the Trotec laser is engraving the associated text plates so that you can bring multicoloured stamps to your customers even more quickly.

complete process reliability

The patented Multi Color manufacturing process guarantees exactly the same colour and shape throughout. Reordering spare ink cartridges is therefore also easy and reliable.

Optimum Quality

The Multi Color Jet inks the different colour fields with the optimum amount of ink. The result is clean imprints of the usual perfect Trodat quality.


reliable Production

The unique Multi Color Check software even helps you create your own designs. Simply click once to check whether the desired layout can be produced, and fully automate it as required.






  • Design the multicoloured stamp imprint as usual in CorelDraw. Multi Color Check software automatically checks whether the set stamp imprint meets the requirements and can be produced.


  • With just one click, you simultaneously generate the jobs necessary for both production machines - Laser and Multi Color Jet. The intelligent laser software creates three production jobs fully automatically: the laser cut for the Multi Color ink cartridge, the job for inking the ink cartridge, and the laser engraving job for producing the stamp text plate.


  • Place the uninked Trodat Multi Color ink cartridge into the laser. A flexible tray helps you to position the ink cartridge correctly, and the Trotec laser cuts the ink cartridge into segments exactly matching the imprint design.


  • Now take the tray out of the laser and place it into the Multi Color Jet. The fully automatic inking process begins with just one click. In the process, you always have access to the full spectrum of fifteen colours - completely simple and clean!


  • At the same time, you can start engraving the associated text plates on the laser. That's how you quickly, cleanly, and efficiently produce Trodat stamps with your individual, multicolour imprint.