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Design Stamp Impressions



Take inspiration from our wide variety of suggestions if you don't want to design your individual colour stamp yourself from scratch. You can download samples as pixel files and redesign them yourself. The application is free for you. Fonts are copyright protected, so we can't offer them freely for download. You'll find sample imprints here.


However, you can also design your own Multi Color imprint directly on the Internet. Select fonts, specify colours, and upload symbols and pictograms from the Trodat image library. To do this, visit a Trodat partner’s Multi Color web shop. 



the color spectrum



The Trodat Multi Color spectrum offers fifteen attractive colors that can be combined at will. Design your stamp imprints so that they're perfectly matched to you or your company: multi-coloured! That's how you get your unmistakable stamp imprint. You can also just download the colour spectrum. 


the design rules



There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:

   - Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 2.5 mm apart.
   - A continuous colour field is at least 8 mm x 8 mm.

Contiguous colours and colour blends are not possible (demo examples):