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Trodat Value Principle



The great desire to do things better is the driving force behind our constant search for innovations. Helping our partners to become market leaders is the objective of every division of the Trodat Group.

Original Trodat products simply give our customer more:


More possibilities. More differentiation. More success. 


And: more reasons to be happy!
This is because the new Trodat added value system rewards loyalty and makes Trodat partners more attractive for stamp purchasers. Each of the individual system modules already enjoys a significant market position in their own right. However, their unique added value only truly reveals itself in their combined use. The Trodat added value system is more than the sum of its parts. 



Trodat Added Value Principle



1. TrodaT Stamp components: clearly superior

Modern design, exceptional functionality and the best materials make each Trodat stamp an original. The Trodat Professional - the office stamp for frequent and precise application. The new Trodat Printy 4.0 – Climate-neutral. As Standard.; smaller, simpler and constructed from a high percentage of recycled plastic. And the Trodat Mobile Printy – the simplest, most stable, and cleanest pocket stamp ever; with its ingenious single-handed operation. At the same time, you as a specialist stamp dealer, are able to meet your customers’ exact wishes in terms of individuality and differentiation. This is because the Multi Color Impression allows you to make each Trodat stamp an exclusive, personalised colour stamp.




2. Trotec Laser: cutting-edge stamp technology

Trodat’s subsidiary company Trotec is a leading global manufacturer of laser-engraving equipment for stamp manufacturers, engravers and sign makers. In recent years, the company has also made a name for itself in industrial applications. Trotec lasers are indispensible for engraving and cutting in an economic, high-quality stamp manufacturing process. It was also Trotec which developed the production of Multi Color Impressions with laser technology and introduced it to the manufacturing process.






3. uTypia Consumer: new webshop solutions

The online shop has become one of the most essential distribution channels in the stamp industry. Comprehensive functionality and integration options make the Trodat uTypia internet solution one of the leading pieces of online stamp shop software in the commercial consumer segment. NEW - the extended uTypia range: uTypia Consumer immediately offers a second type of shop, designed specifically for the end user and smaller companies. These customers focus on the impression itself rather than the stamp equipment. It takes just four steps for the user to create a new finished stamp. Modern design, intuitive user guidance and search engine friendliness are included. Purchasing stamps on-line has never been so simple.





4. Trodat Multi Color: multicolor has just got easier

Creating personalised multi-coloured impressions is now easier than ever. New to the range: the Trotec Multi Color Jet. From now on you can produce your own multi-coloured stamps more cost-effectively and more quickly. The Multi Color Jet is an individual machine which inks the ink cartridges, while the laser engraves the textplates. The Multi Color Jet always gives you a choice of 15 Multi Color inks. Your Multi Color Jet and your Trotec Laser are both connected to the same computer.