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Taking Responsibility

Wir tragen Verantwortung


Trodat sees a special obligation as the world's market leader in stamp products and has set a good example for years in climate protection. Trodat took measures to improve energy use as early as 1993, when the Kyoto protocol was still not on everyone's lips, and Austria's strict environmental laws weren't at today's level.

Trodat places great emphasis on efficient energy use and careful treatment of raw materials throughout the entire value creation process (see ISO certification). Trodat stamps also are characterised by particularly long service life and therefore need less frequent replacement.




 Clean raw materials

  • Raw materials comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • We do not use any PVC in the production of our stamp components
  • Our suppliers are screened for environmental and quality certification




 economical use of energy

  • Heat recovered from production is used for heating buildings
  • Injection moulding machines are cooled using fresh air
  • 100% of electricity requirements come from renewable energies





 responsible production

  • About 80% of all produciton waste is re-used
  • 100% recycling of mechanically unstressed parts
  • Production rejects are less than 0.3%
  • The whole production process does not produce any effluent




 less Co2

  • The Original Printy 4.0 is much smaller and lighter than its predecessor and consists of up to 65%* post-consumer recycled plastic. This helps save up to 49%* CO2 emissions.
  • 1,000 tonnes saving on CO2 emissions purely by reducing the use of fossil fuels, natural gas and electricity since the middle of 2001.
  • 250 metric tonnes additional saving on CO2 by changing from fuel oil to natural gas. 

 *) Eco-black and Eco-grey. Lower percentage for other colours.