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The new Trodat company brochure

Trodat Creating Originals

Trodat „Creating Originals“


Our new Trodat company brochure is hot off the press, titled ‘Creating Originals’ – something which Trodat always aims to achieve. Enjoy browsing our extensive range in our easy-to-use online catalogue through the Trodat website, which is available in English and German. Other languages will follow soon.


What makes Trodat so successful worldwide?


Trodat adds value as a core part of the organisation’s philosophy. Whether it is through Trodat products, Trotec Laser products, uTypia or Trodat Multi Colour impressions, the aim is the same - to give the customer the best value and best quality product for their money.


Details of Trodat’s core philosophy, the issues surrounding sustainability and the way that Trodat creates values within values are available in more detail within this brochure. We hope it makes interesting reading for you.